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Libra of Precatus

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EightySixed x Persona 5 apparel collection

Madman Anime Festival mascot and illustrations

Floraïku luxury perfumes

Deerstalker Pictures: Video Appearances
My Hero Academia Parody - Hero Killer: Vending Machine
The Titan Restaurant - Attack on Titan Live Action Parody
Hero For Fun - One Punch Man Live Action
Uzumaki vs Uzumaki - Boruto: Naruto The Short Film




Commission FAQ

For general illustration prices, mostly personal usage only.
Commercial and project prices will be subject through discussion.
Pricing can change due to complexity of request, illustration style and amount of characters.


Estimate guideline:
Linework and simplified colours - USD 120
Full illustration style, half body- USD 110
Full illustration style, full body- USD 180


Payment: paypal

Inquiries: world.is.miyu@gmail.com
Please attach visual references and description.