Commission Information


- All prices listed are USD and payment is upfront through paypal invoicing.
- Please provide visual references or a moodboard, and description.
- Commissions style you are after or if you have a certain budget.
- NSFW/R18, BL, GL are all ok.
- I reserve the right to decline if there is not enough time, art style or subject does not suit my works.

- 2-3 minor changes are included, though major changes will incur additional fees.
- Commission completion time can range from a few days to 2 weeks on average.
- Vtuber commission can take up to 3 weeks.
- I may possibly stream the drawing, unless stated otherwise or for commercial work/gifts.

If you would like to hire me for commercial work and projects, or more commission options
(such as realistic, traditional art etc) it will be subject through discussion.


Commission and work enquiries:








Illustration commissions | -OPEN-




Simple Aesthetic

Half body: 120
Full Illustration: 150-400

colourful approach
Simple or no background
Extra cost depending on detail / additional background and characters.



Brush Art

Full Illustration: 200-500


Textured, more artistic, brush stroke illustration look.



Standard Painting

Half body: 160
Full Illustration: 200-900

Painted illustration. If there is a certain colour scheme or a particular artwork of mine you would like to to reference, do include!
Cost depending on half/full body, complexity, number of characters, and background detail.









V-tuber commissions | -OPEN-


Vtuber character commission

Half Body: 700

Full body: 1000
Costume design (sheet/ref only) for existing vtuber: 170

Includes extra expressions: sweatdrop, anger, down/dark, blushing

Additional costumes, accessories, details/poses, or large changes
would cost additional.
Half body cuts off at hip.



Please provide moodboard and visual references.
I do not rig, I only provide layered, cleaned and ready illustration PSD file.




Character design examples
Live2D showcase : Miyukiko




Costume design examples